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Lighthouse was created by Andrew O'Neill, Headteacher of All Saints Catholic College in North Kensington.

Following frustrations that published education data exists in 'silos', Andrew decided to create Lighthouse in order to pull together this information so that it can be viewed in the round and provide greater insight into the needs and complexities of schools, multi-academy trusts and local authorities.

Lighthouse pulls in contextual school data, progress and attainment indicators as well as financial and benchmarking tools.  A key advantage of Lighthouse is the ability to see all of this data in tandem without moving to other government websites.  For example, when viewing a school's achievement data you can also look at its fiscal position from an in-year and also revenue reserve perspectives.

More recently, additions to the platform have been made that include analysis of political constituencies in relation to funding and Ofsted grades as well as bespoke analysis of roll positions of schools.

Lighthouse is a school data platform providing insight across the education sector in England.

The Team

Rob Walmsley

Data Analyst

Alice Burke

Research Analyst


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